Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

Eating Glass & Other Dreams

OK, so once again, I had a dream in which I was eating glass. The dream focussed more on the after affects of eating glass, like trying to expel the endless stream of it from my mouth with as little damage as possible. To make matters slightly more complicated, I was spitting the stuff out while cycling and trying to keep up with the person ahead of me. This was not your average glass, but that fine thin glass one finds in expensive wine glasses, if that matters. I have had this dream many times over the years. Yes, I have looked at online dream sites, but I am not convinced of the interpretation.

Another curious dream featured David Gilmour (the musician, not the writer), who, while fulfilling his rock and roll duty as main guy in Pink Floyd was also a star member of Britain's National Football club. Aware that he was shunning the queen by not playing in a key match, he put on his guitar and joined Floyd on stage while wearing his football jersey & cleats. By the way, this was the younger long-haired Gilmour. I have no idea if Roger Waters was there or not.


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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cats & Rats

I was stunned to find that I had a mouse (or mice) in my house. After all, the neighbourhood is crawling with cats. One can't walk up the street without greeting several cats. One has to watch one's step so as not to crush them. Most are friendly and run out to say hi. Just yesterday, I ambled past two lovely kittens lounging on the pavement. Of course, as I am allergic to the little critters, I have no cats in the house, which is bad news when one has rodents. I have been tempted to borrow a cat or two, but I have always been wary of cat curfews and I wouldn't want to be charged with cat napping.

Anyway, I had been cursing these cats for not doing their catly duty of killing rodents in the 'hood. Perhaps I cursed too hard, for one day last week, I discovered a very dead rat on the back porch. The rat had quite a severe laceration to its pectoral region. It lacked a tail, making me consider that it might not have been a rat after all, but a closer look assured me that it was a rat, probably a Rattus norvegicus. Flies had descended in great numbers. I dug a hole in the back yard and scooped up the rat with a shovel, finding that maggots had already invaded the beast and were crawling all over the rodent.

This, of course, reminded me of the intact rat skeleton I once found under the porch of an old house. I left it alone.

I chose a new template in the hopes that it would encourage me to blog more.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Nuit Blanche

I went to Nuit Blanche this year, the Toronto version, not the event in Paris or Rome or Sao Paulo or Berlin or ... Yeah, this was the Toronto-the-Good version. One of the first events I saw -- well, really did not see, because it was too packed with people to see -- was an event at the House of Lancaster II. This is a strip club, for those who are no aware. I squeezed in, noting a number of strollers and baby carriages, which served as a good counterpoint to the usual business of the house. Some dude was on stage making balloon animals. It was too crowded to stay, and it didn't look that interesting.

Down on Queen Street, I ended up in Koma Designs and was surprised to see a bondage scene unfolding. A scantily clad woman was being bound in ropes and hung from the ceiling. I snapped a few photos, as well as a photo of the window, which featured a leather-clad woman in fetish boots and police cap. Later, a mass of people watched the Parkours near the Gladstone.

I think I was asleep by 4:15 AM, after a night of walking, cycling, looking, and photographing. It's hard to say what I liked best. Perhaps, as a friend said, the night was not so much about the art as the festivity, or something like that: I am paraphrasing wildly. I did enjoy seeing so many people on the street, and I enjoyed the out-door exhibits better than those indoors.

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