Wednesday, December 07, 2011

El Camino

I picked up a copy of El Camino, the new CD from the Black Keys. I do emphasize that I purchased the CD, rather than than the digital tracks. The CD packaging is really fine and you would miss that with the digital version.

My initial impression is that the Keys have lost the blues. It's gone, and it made me think about The Police who abandoned reggae with Ghost in the Machine. That was a tragedy and The Police were never the same again. It heralded a decline into commercial mediocrity, leading to Sting's equally mediocre solo career, though I will allow that Dream of the Blue Turtles is a fabulous record.

I like the energy of El Camino, and on third or fourth listen, it is growing on me. Dan's guitar sounds awesome, I appreciate the more complex arrangements, and the overall sound of the CD is excellent. But, I do miss the blues.

"Just got to Be" From Magic Potion:

"Lonely Boy" from El Camino: