Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Last week, the student sitting behind me in French class was wearing a pink shirt with a tie.

Since the time I finally finished University, after three degrees, I have taken a few night classes. Currently, I am nearing the conclusion of my third French class. I have taken 4 or 5 writing classes, and a bunch of photography classes, mostly so I could get access to darkrooms, before I went digital. Dylan went electric; I went digital, and one person even called me Judas.

Last night, the student (a different one) sitting in front of me was wearing a pink shirt. I believe that he is the source of the noxious gas. It makes me wonder if he saves it up for our class. Why, I want to ask, but I am not really sure if he is to blame.

As an aide, I look back on my early days at University and wonder where the energy came from. I procrastinated then, but not as much as I do now. I am unrepentant. But then, I could procrastinate and then stay up to 3:30 AM writing about early modern political theory. Don't ask me to do that now. I can stay up for nothing.

There was a brief period of time when I wore pink. I had a pink golf shirt (collar down, if you must know) and a pink dress shirt that I often wore with a tie and sometimes a jacket. I often felt that my rugged masculinity contrasted nicely with the soft pink - the whole combination making the ladies swoon.

Test number two was last night and I had a strong nostalgic feeling. I had no panic, mind you, just a feeling like I had never left high school. I cleared my desk of all books, but retained two pens. I watched our prof hand out the test. Then, when the word was given, I scribbled my name and proceeded. I am not convinced that a test-based curriculum is the best way to instruct adults in learning a second or third language.

Tim was probably the first man I knew who felt that he was manly enough to wear pink. After a week at the construction site, he could break free on weekends: pink shirt, tie bar, shiny shoes, too much after shave, and a bit of classic rock (which, in his definition, was Phil Collins and Queen). It may have been his gay-positive side leaking out, but I am sure he would deny it. Oh, and there was Bill, too. I think he wore pink to reaffirm his masculinity, but we all knew he would eventually come out. Not that's there's anything wrong with being gay.

I have no plans to bring back the pink. As I get older, my wardrobe gets darker and darker. I must be in mourning.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.


Jen said...

I have two weeks left in my French class. I think I placed myself at the wrong level since it's been boring more often than not - depends how much real conversation we do compared with just reading aloud.
Anyway, I agree, test-based not the way to go for Adult language acquisition. I will have an exam at end of course, but it's just oral activities we've already done in class and it's about quality not quantity.

Alex said...

I noticed, after reading this post, that most of my wardrobe is very dark too. I wear a lot of blacks and greys. Maybe I should try to liven it up a bit and add more color... Maybe that would make my moods better...

Super Happy Jen said...

I wonder who originally decided that pink is for girls only. If I put my daughter in any other colour she gets mistaken for a boy. Pink, obviously it's a girl. But why? It makes no sense at all. Sure, vaginas are pink, but then so are penises.

Super Happy Jen said...

I looked it up. Apparently it used to be reversed. Pink was considered a strong colour (like red) and was used for boys, while blue was dainty, and associated with the Virgin Mary, so it was for girls. No clear info on when and why the change, but in WWII the Nazis used pink to identify homosexuals, and in the 1950s, when Barbie wore pink.

I also found a research article where they found that women prefer pinks and reds more than men.

tshsmom said...

I personally think that dark men look wonderful in pink! Most blonde men look a bit washed-out in pink.

L looks quite sexy in his pink shirt. Our daughter, on the other hand, doesn't like men in pink.

Cooper said...

Pink is so last year, try more of a mauve.

I actually like various shades of pink cotton pants on men in the summer, on the beach or somewhere hot that is.