Thursday, October 27, 2011


I think one sign of aging is when you see certain people only at funerals. At my grandmother's funeral a couple of weeks back, I saw people (relatives really) whom I had not seen since my father's funeral a year and a half ago. It reminds me of younger days when I saw certain people only at weddings.

Anyway, my maternal grandmother passed away recently just short of her 92nd birthday. She lived a long life, so this was not a morbid affair, but one with humour and stories. She married at age 18, in a classic Ontario 1930s shotgun wedding, something that had been kept a closely-guarded secret for years. My grandmother refused to entertain questions about how old she was when she married in combination with the question of how old she currently was. I assumed that this was part of a larger plan to hide her age, but it was an effort to hide her shame, a shame she seemed to carry for most of her life. Once Alzheimer's crept in, I suppose she no longer thought about it.

Of course, by the time I had figured it out, pregnancy out of wedlock was no longer an issue, at least for most people. After all, my brothers had been spreading their seed far and wide with no regard for tradition, and that seemed like normal practice to me.

Alzheimer's is a horrible affliction and I hope I never have to confront it. The first time my grandmother failed to recognize me was a shock. After some time, she managed to put it all together, but more recently, she didn't have a clue, and that was very sad.

She is now resting (I'm not sure that I like this term) beside her husband who predeceased her by 29 years, and her grandson, who passed away at the age of 5. I remember him well.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Epic fail on the tech front today, but only a handful of people showed up to witness it anyway.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lulu and Blogging

I am struggling to like the new and unlikely union of Lou Reed and Metallica. In case you haven't heard, they recorded a double CD and are now streaming the tunes online. It kind of leaves me speechless, which could indicate that we are listening to genius or it might be that Lulu is the worst album ever made. It's really difficult to say.

I have been a Lou Reed fan for ages, but there is not a single Metallica CD in my collection. I think the only song I could recognize as Metallica's is "Enter Sandman". I don't hate it, but it's not really my cup of tea. I am not even going to attempt to review Lulu. Just listen to it and see what you think. I should point out that I am not afraid of heavy music. After all, I do have some Tool in my collection as well as some Black Sabbath. But, I am not a metal head.


I am not sure if this post reflects a return to blogging. Occasionally, I recall with fondness some of the post I have published here. And, sometimes, I think about digital diets. Many blogs have died with the rise of Facebook, mine included. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook for many reasons. But, I persevere mostly because I have immediate connections with family and friends and it's a great place to share family photos. It's also a huge waste of time.

I tried Google+, but aside from Circles (which is a really fabulous idea), I have little good to say about it. Generally, my friends on Google+ are the same as my friends on Facebook (though there are fewer of them), so when I realized that I was posting the same info twice, I stopped updating Google+. As for Twitter, I have had two accounts and I can conclusively say that I hate Twitter. It's truly amazing to me that so many people are addicted to it. Maybe if I liked Justin Beaver, things would be different.

The real problem, of course, it that it is impossible to keep up with everything that has been posted by friends, and if you tried, you would never get anything done. You would be reading and commenting all day long.

And that leaves Flickr, the place where I spend most of my time. Flickr is my favourite place to be. That's not to say that Flickr is not without its problems. I could name several things I hate about Flickr.

I may post again, or I may not. It's unclear.