Monday, June 15, 2009

More Proof that the World is Ending

My sister now has a Facebook account. While you may not think that this is strange, let me put it into context. It would sort of be like finding out that your mother has been a CIA agent for the last 25 years, or that your 85 year-old grandmother is a swinger.


Super Happy Jen said...

Now does she actually use her facebook account, or did she just get one because everyone at the office had one, and hasn't even uploaded a profile picture yet?

Alex said...

If my mom ever gets a Facebook account I'll probably do something extreme. Not because it's horribly uncool, but because it'll mean my mom finally figured out how computers and the internet work.

And my 67 year old grandmother did used to be a swinger... in the 60's... according to my aunts and my mom.

tweetey30 said...

My parents have a facebook account but my mom doesnt know how to naviagate it yet.. LOL..

zydeco fish said...

Jen: yes, she uses it, so far anyway.

Alex: wow, what a grandmother you must have!

Tweetey: well, my step mother has one, but that seems less radical than my sister. Anyway, my mom and dad still aren't on FB, and if they ever did join, I would have to kill myself.