Thursday, December 17, 2009

Remembrance of Things Past

With the temperature hovering around minus 11 Celsius, and knowing that by cycling, I would create a wind chill on top of whatever the wind chill was this morning, I dressed warmly for the ride in to work. The choice of clothing included my new Caribou Sorel boots (good to minus 40 degrees), a winter coat, (suitable for cycling), and two additional layers below. I pulled on my Hot Paws mitts that have never failed to keep my hands warm. Below my helmet, I wore one of those furry hats with the earflaps. The only thing that was cold was my face, and I can't do anything about that because a scarf causes my glasses to fog up and then freeze, leading to a potentially dangerous situation.

I wheeled around the corner and the fist thing I saw reminded me of my youth. A high school student ambled along in nothing more than a hoodie. He had no mitts or gloves, no hat, and no boots. He reminded my of my winter high school days, but even then, I elected to wear mitts and a coat. I just avoided hats, mostly because I hated to disturb my nicely coiffed hair.

I reflected for a moment about how old I have been feeling recently. Happily, I noted that I don't really care if anyone sees me wearing a hat anymore, just as long as it lacks those ridiculous pom-poms.  I hate pom-poms, and I have previously owned hats that forced me to hack off the dumb pom-pom.  Who created this abomination anyway?

I wonder if this kid will be found later, frozen and blue.  I would have said frozen in s snowbank somewhere, but there really isn't any snow to speak of in Tdot at the moment.


Deodand said...

Kids are just as dumb-ass as they were in my day, when it was a ripped jean jacket with AC/DC written on in felt pen instead of a hoodie. And you never hear about them freezing or getting frostbite, in spite of their mothers' warnings. What is their secret? Is it hormones?

tshsmom said...

My parents always told me not to go outside with wet hair in subzero temps: "Your hair will break off." I scoffed at that advice...until I broke off a chunk of hair on a -40F day. I seriously don't know how so many teenagers survive to adulthood.

Kate said...

There is also the dumbass teenager down south who wears a short-sleeve shirt and the fur-lined hat with ear flaps. Um, hon?

No one over the age of two should ever wear pom-poms.