Friday, February 27, 2015

Alice Cooper: Flush the Fashion (1980)

I have to say that the title of this record - Flush the Fashion - seems wildly inappropriate since Alice decided to join the musical fashion trend of the day by co-opting a new wave sound (there's even a Devo reference in one of the tracks). So, it should be more like, Hop on the Bandwagon. He brought in Roy Thomas Baker, who produced those slick Cars records. At times, the album sounds like a weak Gary Numan record, but there are a few rockers that hearken back to the old days. As a pseudo Alice Cooper fan, and someone who was really into new wave, I decided to buy this record, which I got in downtown Kitchener when it came out.

There are certain records that remind me of certain people, and this one reminds me of Philip, who lost his life just after high school in a car accident. We both bought this record at about the same time. When I hear these songs, I think of him.

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