Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Deerhoof: Reveille (2002)

The musical style of Deerhoof has been described as freestyle, no wave, lo-fi, skronk, space rock, alternative, indie rock, noise pop, noise rock, post-rock, and/or classic rock and roll. Allmusic's description of this record is intersting: "...helter-skelterish flare-ups with primitive Casio-like bloops and bleeps, angular fizz-pop guitars, and epileptic drum freakouts." It might be more accurate to call Deerhoof weird...or cool.

Reveille is the fourth album, which was re-released on blue marbled vinyl in 2012. This is the copy that I have. The only other Deerhoof release I have heard is a free live download that was offered a few years back called 99% Upset Feeling.

The following is an interesting track, and parts of it really remind me of Do Make Say Think.

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