Monday, July 20, 2015

Dire Straits: On Every Street (1991)

There comes a time when a band has to call it a day. For the Rolling Stones, that should have been 1983. I think it's a bad idea to overstay your welcome. Dire Straits should have called it quits after Brothers in Arms. Nevertheless, I have to say that, despite the weak patches in this record, there are a few good tracks. I don't mind Calling Elvis, Heavy Fuel, When it Comes to You, and The Bug. After six years, though, expectations were running high, and this record doesn't really make the cut and it can't match anything the band had released previously.

I have the subsequent live album, On the Night on CD. I have no idea if that was ever released on vinyl. Vinyl copies of On Every Street, released in the era of the death of vinyl, are hard to find, so I am happy to have a copy of this one.

There's an official Dire Straits Vevo channel on Youtube, but they don't like Canadians :(

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