Wednesday, August 05, 2015

The Doors: Full Circle (1972)

Full Circle is the 8th Doors record and the second released after the death of Jim Morrison. By the way, we visited Morrison's grave in the Père Lachaise Cemetery when we were in France in 2009. It is a rather unimpressive grave, but it was interesting to see. It might sound disrespectful when I say that The Doors were Jim Morrison, but that's sort of the way I feel. Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, and John Densmore are certainly talented musicians, but Jim was larger than life to many people. I guess we should give the band props for trying to keep it going.

Although I think the record got fairly good reviews, it doesn't really do that much for me. Verdilac is a memorable track, but the rest doesn't really do anything for me. Also, the album cover is wacky.

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