Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited (1965)

Highway 61 Revisited was the first Dylan record I owned, and it was on CD. The whole album is genius. It's all the more interesting when I finally heard the earlier stuff, and understood how this (Along with Bringing it all Back Home) was different from his earlier more mellow stuff.

If there is any track that truly deserves the adjective epic, Like a Rolling Stone is it:

"One of the most self-righteous and eloquent indictments ever committed to wax, Like a Rolling Stone filters Bob Dylan¹s indignation for pseudo-bohemian sixties¹ scenesters through his legendary wit. If Dylan¹s first incarnation was as a protest singer, Like a Rolling Stone signals the era of Dylan as court jester/verbal assassin." [link]

(By the way, Allmusic has turned into a slow turd. Those obnoxious popup ads that show up on every single page make the site simply frustrating to use). Things better improve or I'll be seriously upset.

There are a number of unimpressive video clips on Youtube, but nothing that is good enough to post.

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