Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Bob Dylan: New Morning (1970)

I sort of ignored Bob Dylan for years. I always knew who he was and I knew many of his songs, but it never occurred to me to buy his records and listen to them from end to end. Even Leonard Cohen's public love for Dylan's music couldn't convince me. This changed in the CD era, which is why I have virtually everything he ever released on CD, including the bootleg series. One day, some years ago, I bought a cheap copy of Highway 61 Revisited and I was hooked.

I can't justify finding all of Dylan's releases on vinyl, 'cause that would be hugely expensive. Used Dylan records are generally pricey and I already own them on CD, albeit with inferior sound quality.

If Not For You, the lead off track on New Morning, was already familiar to me because of my brother. For reasons I have yet to fully understand, my brother was a huge Olivia Newton John fan and I heard her cover version way too many times. Two other tracks really stand out for me: Day of the Locusts and One More Weekend.

I didn't realize that Bob Dylan tracks were hard to find on Youtube. So, I've got nothing.

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