Monday, September 14, 2015

Echo and The Bunnymen: Heaven Up Here (1981)

The second album from Echo and The Bunnymen is another gem. I agree wholeheartedly with this excerpt from Allmusic's review:

"Heaven Up Here's strength is the way in which the Bunnymen seamlessly work together to shape each song's dynamics (the tension underlying the crescendo of "Turquoise Days" being a prime example). Ian McCulloch, having found his trademark confidence, sings with soaring abandon and passion throughout the album. Similarly, Will Sergeant's guitar playing, notably freed from verse-chorus structure and pop riffs, is at its angular finest; his playing on "No Dark Things" is pure Andy Gill-esque skronk. The album's opening troika of "Show of Strength," "With a Hip," and "Over the Wall" (the latter with its jarring, direct invocation of Del Shannon's "Runaway") are particularly effective, establishing the theme of distrust and restlessness which continues throughout the album."[link]

It's difficult to choose favourites, but Show of Strength, Over the Wall, The Promise, Turquoise Days, No Dark Things, With a Hip are all awesome. I wish I had seen them in concert. I recently heard that they will be playing Riot Fest few days from now, but I think my days of all-day concert festivals are over.

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