Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Brian Eno: My Squelchy Life (2015)

Evidently, Brian Eno's birth name is Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno. Somehow, I have a hard time believing it, and wonder if Eno is playing a joke on us. The Wikipedia source for Eno's given name is an article on That article has no source for the claim. This is how Wikipedia works. You could write something on a blog post, and then make an entry in Wikipedia referring to that post and it would pass Wikipedia's editorial standards. But, if you were the inventor of nuclear fusion, for example, and wrote a post about how you did it, making no references to published sources, the Wikipedia editors would quash your article. Wikipedia is awesome in many ways, but the sources are often suspect.

My Squelchy Life was a limited edition Record Store Day release from 2015. It was released in an edition of either 4000 or 4300 copies (I've read conflicting numbers). A concise description of this record is "First official vinyl release for legendary 'lost' Eno album. Includes a previously unheard track from the vaults, 'Rapid Eye'."

Allmusic says this:

"My Squelchy Life is Brian Eno's Smile -- an album that was completed, sent out to reviewers (with some reviews hitting the stands), then withdrawn suddenly by Eno, regarded as a minor effort. A year later, Nerve Net was released. Undoubtedly, Nerve Net is a more polished, adventurous, and mature album, but My Squelchy Life, is a splendid pop album, and a fine follow-up to his collaboration with John Cale, Wrong Way Up."

My Squelchy Life is simply fantastic. I had wanted to hear this record for a long time, and finally, it was released, though with a price tag that was a bit high. True, Nerve Net is perhaps a bit better.

All of the stuff on Youtube from this records seems to have copyright restrictions and cannot be seen in Canada. Sometimes, Youtube sucks.

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