Friday, October 02, 2015

Dave Edmunds: Information (1983)

Like so many other bands and singers, Dave felt the need to join the new wave bandwagon by dumping his cool, rootsy sound and co-opting an 80s synth-based sound that simply does not work. The Rolling Stones managed to record a fabulous disco record or two, but they are the exception. "Flush the fashion" should have been the war cry from the era for most established artists.

This record is a disaster. Dave Edmunds and Jeff Lynne are two names that should not go together. This album proves that statement. Just listen to what should have been called an ELO-Dave Edmunds mashup. I keep expecting to hear the chorus of Don't Bring Me Down at any moment. Oh, and Don't Bring Me Down is a much better tracks than this one.

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