Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Eric B. & Rakim: Paid in Full (1987)

"This is a journey into sound."

Paid in Full is a classic hip hip record by Eric Barrier and William Michael Griffin Jr., better known as Eric B. & Rakim. Allmusic describes this record as "One of the most influential rap albums of all time..." I can't argue with that. Allmusic adds: "The key cuts here are some of the most legendary rap singles ever released..." I can't argue with that either. If you've never heard the track Paid in Full, your life has less meaning. Finally, the critic says this: "Paid in Full is essential listening for anyone even remotely interested in the basic musical foundations of hip-hop -- this is the form in its purest essence." [source] Again, I have no argument.

I'm not a huge Hip Hop fan, but I do have several key records, this being one of them. I think that the kids back-in-the-day would say that this record is dope. By the way, I have an original US pressing on the 4th and Broadway label.

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