Monday, December 07, 2015

Fingerprintz: Fingerprintz (1979)

I bought a lot of music in 1979, even as a young boy. It was a year of musical awakenings with bands like Pink Floyd, the Clash, etc. My musical tastes ranged from a bit of prog, to pop, to punk, to new wave (or post-punk, if you prefer). Fingerprintz fit nicely into the new wave genre. I think I bought it after hearing the track Wet Job, though there are better tracks on the record.

Despite being new wave, there is a punk aesthetic on the record and the sound is edgier than on subsequent releases. The only weak point is the track Beam Me Up Scotty, which ought to be a great track, based on the title alone, but it turns out to be a major disappointment.

Our friends at Allmusic say:

"Formed by Scottish-born singer/guitarist Jimmie O'Neill in 1978, the 'Printz slowed down punk's careening guitar rock, adding clever, rhythmic twists and turns, and offering up deftly written stories about lust, angst, and urban desolation." [source]

Once again, and inexplicably, I might add, the original UK pressing was entitled The Very Dab and it had a slightly different song selection, leaving out Dancing with Myself, for example but adding some others, like Sean's New Shoes, a really infectious instrumental.

I don't know if this band ever made any videos, but i can't find any on Youtubes. I did find this live clip of Wet Job.

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