Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Fixx: Shuttered Room (1982)

"Red or blue, what's the difference"
Stand or Fall - The Fixx

The Fixx is another group well worth investigating, especially for fans of Rupert Hine. But, if you are a Hine fan, you would already know about this London band. The Fixx were (are, I guess) a really great pop band that never quite made it big. I suppose the thing that kept them interesting was the fact that they didn't sell out, at least not right away. The first record -- Shuttered Room -- had two big hits: Stand or Fall and Red Skies at Night. These are both catchy tunes that received a lot of airplay (on the radio stations that I was listening to) way back when.

Stand or Fall is a really strong political tune, and perhaps the band's best song.

Crying parents tell their children
If you survive, don't do as we did
A son exclaims there'll be nothing to do to
Her daughter says she'll be dead with you

While foreign affairs are screwing us rotten
Line morale has hit rock bottom
Dying embers stand forgotten
Talks of peace were being trodden


An empty face reflects extinction
Ugly scars divide the nation
Desecrate the population
There will be no exaltation

I'd say that these are strong lyrics reflecting the cold-war era 80s.

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