Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Flaming Lips: In A Priest Driven Ambulance (1990)


Waitin' for my ride
Jesus is floatin' outside
(Shine on, sweet Jesus, on me)
Watchin' the water rise
I'm gettin' lost in the tide
(Cry all your teardrops on me)
While I'm still myself
Your blankets covered me
Covered me while I was still asleep

A vinyl pressing of this record was released in 1990. I have never seen a copy. My first copy was a CD. In 2005, the record was re-released as a double LP with bonus tracks on either red or pink vinyl. I have the pink version. The cover states: "limited edition vinyl only reissue of their space bible Masterwork 1990 LP." It should be Priest-Driven and vinyl-only.

 From Wikipedia:

It is a concept album primarily focused on frontman Wayne Coyne's fascination with religion. It is generally considered among critics to be one of the Flaming Lips' greatest albums. It is the first Flaming Lips album to feature Jonathan Donahue (also of Mercury Rev) and drummer, Nathan Roberts. [source]

I, too, am fascinated by religion, by my fascination derives mostly from why people call fall for such obvious stupidity.

This was the fourth record from the Lips. It's a brilliant album. I love the sound, the style, the lyrics. People new to the band might want to start here.

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