Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Two Tribes (1984)

This Canadian 12" single for Two Tribes contains two mixes (Annihilation and Surrender) plus War (Hide Yourself) and One February Friday.

Wikepedia has this to say: "Presenting a nihilistic, gleeful lyric expressing enthusiasm for a nuclear war, it juxtaposes a relentless pounding bass line and guitar riff inspired by American funk and R&B pop with influences of Russian classical music, in an opulent arrangement produced by Trevor Horn. The recording makes extensive use of samples of the British Protect and Survive public information films on how to survive a nuclear attack" [source]

It's a really engaging cold war track. In fact, I would argue that the extended Annihilation mix is the best thing Frankie ever did. It's worth picking this up just for the extended Two Tribes.

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