Thursday, March 03, 2016

Furniture: I Can't Crack (1985)

For some bizarre reason, this 12" single is worth a bit of cash. There are 7 copies currently for sale on Discogs, with the lowest priced copy listed at $43.75 and the highest priced copy topping out at 101.20, which is more than $147 Canadian! I can't figure this out. And, if that's not enough, recent sales on Discogs are:

Lowest: $36.81
Median: $73.63
Highest: $113.18

I really don't know why this record is worth so much money. Maybe there aren't very many copies around? In any case, I did well on this one, because I am sure that I paid $1 for my copy.

This band was around from 1979 to 1991 and is best known for Brilliant Mind, which is a really great song. This 12" has four tracks:

I Can't Crack
Switch Off
I Can't Crack (Broken Mix)

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