Sunday, March 20, 2016

Gene Loves Jezebel: Discover (1986)

I saw Gene Loves Jezebel in concert ages ago. They opened for Echo and the Bunnymen or maybe the Cure or maybe it was New Order. I cannot remember which it was. I remember very little about their set.

If you were to describe this band, you would have to use the term goth, though I often feel that the term goth has more to do with the look of the band rather than the sound. I am not sure how helpful it is. Discover is probably the band's most notable record, because of the track Desire (Come and Get It).

After reading the review on Allmusic, I am tempted to put this record on the turntable, maybe just to see if I missed something. They write:

"This was GLJ at it's best, as the band came together in a perfect wedding of all parties, sounds, and styles. Stadium guitar, Bauhausian experimentation, pop, and goth all combined to make a truly unforgettable album." [source]

It seems overwritten to me, or maybe I wasn't paying enough attention to the band.

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