Wednesday, March 23, 2016

General Public: Hand to Mouth (1986)

Allmusic's review of the record is so unbelievably mean-spirited. The critic writes:

"Continuing All the Rage's trend towards slick pop production, but finally tipping over into bland anonymity, the album makes absolutely no musical impression even after several listens. Even worse, the songs are a uniformly dire lot, replacing the reggae and Brit-pop influences with newfound interests in American R&B and chart pop. Even the few moderately catchy songs are flawed; the gospel-influenced single "Come Again" moves along cheerfully enough until an absurdly over-emphasized "boop boop!" shout in the chorus makes the whole thing sound simply ridiculous."[source]

I agree that the record is mediocre, but it doesn't live up to that terrible review.

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