Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Genesis: Foxtrot (1972)

This is either the third or fourth Genesis record, depending on whether or not you count From Genesis to Revelation as a real record, and some don't. The record continues to demonstrate the maturation of the band's musical vision. The centrepiece is the sprawling Supper's Ready, which takes almost the whole of side two.

"Certainly, they've rarely sounded as fantastical or odd as they do on the epic 22-minute closer "Supper's Ready," a nearly side-long suite that remains one of the group's signature moments. It ebbs, flows, teases, and taunts, see-sawing between coiled instrumental attacks and delicate pastoral fairy tales." [source]

And then there's this praise, from the same source: "This is the rare art-rock album that excels at both the art and the rock, and it's a pinnacle of the genre (and decade) because of it." That sounds like high praise.

I'll include a live clip below, just to show Peter Gabriel's elaborate costumes and theatrical performances, which might make one think of David Bowie. It's a great record, but if you are a fan, you already know that.

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