Monday, February 29, 2016

Robert Fripp And The League Of Crafty Guitarists: Live! (1986)

Crafty is more than just a clever name. Guitar Craft was a series of courses designed by Robert Fripp to enhance guitar skills. I have a friend who attended a course, and he gave me a triangular guitar craft pick, which I still have. There is a brief article about guitar craft at Wikipedia.

I was lucky enough to see Robert Fripp And The League Of Crafty Guitarists on this tour. The only thing that irked me was the photography police. I did not have a camera with me during this concert, but I was sitting close to a guy who had taken some photos. After the show, he was beset upon by Fripp's anti-photography police force who demanded that he turn over the film. (I think the chap was using one of those god-awful disc cameras). The security force gave him a hard time, and I am not sure what the outcome was, because we left during the fracas. I would have been belligerent and would have refused to cooperate. There were no signs warning against photography. In fact, in this outdoor venue, where I have seen countless concerts, photography seemed to be a matter of course. It seemed that Fripp and his minions were out-of-touch with the local practice at this venue.

Fripp does have a reputation when it comes to photos. He has notoriously ended concerts prematurely because someone used a camera. I am not sure if it is the flash or the act itself, but he really doesn't like it. I have sympathy with part of his view. I hate being at a concert where everyone thinks it's fine to record video instead of watching the show, and I think flash photography would be irritating to the performer. But, his attitude to the act is a little overboard considering that these are his fans who paid money to see him perform.

I think this record is really great.

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