Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Genesis: Abacab (1981)

I watched an interview with the members of Genesis and they all said that there was a conscious effort to break with the past, and to move away from the tried and true Genesis sound to something different. In other words, don't blame Phil Collins if you do not like this record.

This is a great record, with the possible exception of Who Dunnit? I'm still not sure if I like that track and I honestly thought that it would make a better instrumental. Or, perhaps I simply misunderstand the song. I had planned to totally dis that track, but I played the record recently, and my one 1 & 1/2  year old started grooving to that track, so it can't be as bad as I think.

The title track, Keep it Dark, No Reply At All, Dodo etc, are all excellent. The low point for me is Like it or Not. I don't.

This is another album that has strong memories for me. My friend, Bruce, obtained a copy of this record before me, and he used to blast it in residence on his weird linear turntable and Bose speakers. It was loud. But, I never loved the sound of Bose speakers. Maybe they sound better now.

Speaking of Bruce, he borrowed a couple of records and never gave them back. Perhaps he lost them. I demanded replacements, but that never happened.

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