Sunday, May 01, 2016

Gods And Queens: Untitled (2008)

Not only is the album entitled Untitled, but every song on the record is also entitled Untitled. 1000 copies were released in three colours: purple (425 copies), orange (425 copies), and clear (150 copies). My copy is purple. Each record was bundled with a CD of all of the tracks. I guess you'd label this band as noisy hardcore. Discogs applies the terms Hardcore, Shoegazer, Indie Rock. I guess that works. The band's bandcamp page says this:

"Gods And Queens have never claimed to be re-inventing the musical wheel. The band play a noisy, melodic brand of music directly influenced by 1990′s stalwarts Unwound, Lush, or Lungfish." [source]

It's not a bad record, but I don't listen to it very often. Despite being released in limited quantities, the record is not valuable. I couldn't find any tunes on youtube.

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