Monday, May 16, 2016

Grand Duchy, The Gloom Prophet: Let The Prophet Speak: Nine Remixes By The Gloom Prophet Based On Songs From The Album Let The People Speak By Grand Duchy (2012)

So, this record has a Pixies/Frank Black tie-in. Grand Duchy is Frank Black and his wife, Violet Clark. This album is a remix album of the second Grand Duchy record from The Gloom Prophet, otherwise known as Britt Thomas Brady. To be honest, I do not know very much about The Gloom Prophet or Grand Duchy, but if the name Frank Black is on something, I'm generally in.

The description that was released with the record is as follows:

"Let The Prophet Speak is a 12'' limited edition LP of remixes by the Gloom Prophet from Grand Duchy's new album Let The People Speak, due out April 10. Gloom Prophet, a self-proclaimed 'sound designer', specializes in rich textures and soundscapes laid atop groove-laden, post-dubstep beats. Although tracks from Let The People Speak were remixed by a handful of artists all over the world, the Gloom Prophet's remixes have taken these tracks out of this world and back. The familiar voices of Violet Clark and Frank Black, along with his signature howling telecaster riffs have been remixed and warped into another universe. An absolute must for any fan of Grand Duchy, Frank Black or experimental electronic and dubstep."

I think that this is a limited edition, but I am not certain.

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