Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Grateful Dead: Anthem Of The Sun (1968)

Although originally released in 1968, I have a 180 gram US Rhino Records repressing from 2011. This release uses the 1968 mix, which is important, because as I understand it, there were later mixes that sound quite different, and the 1968 mix was last used in 1972. I probably have never heard the later mixes, so I have nothing to say about that.

Of course, what one wants to see on a new pressing is something like this, which is taken from the hype sticker on the plastic wrap of this release:

"LPs cut from the original analog masters.
Packages replicated to the finest detail.
Manufactured with more care than ever."

On that note, I read that the recent David Bowie repressings were taken from a digital source. It's well known that some modern pressing use a CD as the master. That's nuts. I realize that tape is fragile, and that maybe some digital preservation of mastering might be needed, but using a CD doesn't make sense to me.

I am not a big fan of The Dead. I don't really know that much about them, but I saw this for $9 (brand new, still wrapped in plastic) and I just could not pass it up. It's a really interesting record as it mixes live material with studio material.

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