Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Koen Holtkamp: Liquid Light Forms (2013)

This release was limited to 400 copies: 300 on black vinyl and 100 on gold vinyl. My copy is on gold vinyl. Both were pressed in the US. I suppose you might label this music as experimental or electronic. Originally, he was the other half of the duo that made up the groups Mountains, a kind of droneish affair.

The record company posted this, about this record:

Three plush, extended synthdrone compositions orbiting in new age and kosmische spheres with a really blissed out feel

 "Liquid Light Forms focuses almost entirely on electronic pieces utilizing predominantly voltage controlled modular synthesizers and sequencers. Liquid Light Forms radiates with pulsating, dense rhythmic patterns that morph and emerge as they compound on themselves. The result is a hypnotic and truly psychedelic listening experience that proves to be one of Koen's most captivating recordings yet."[source]

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