Friday, August 12, 2016

The Hold Steady: RAGS (2014)

Rags, I really love ya
I can't forget about ya
You'll be a hard luck woman
Baby, 'till you find your man
- Hard Luck Woman, KISS

This limited edition 10" EP contains five cover tunes, released via Pledge Music. It might be difficult to get a copy of this one. This record was released as a fundraiser for the family of 'Jersey' Mike Van Jura, who passed away unexpectedly. Each band member choose one track, leading to a rather odd collection. But, as a big fan of the band, I like this record.

I once saw a copy in a local shop for $30, but that was soon after it was released. I haven't seen any since then. The tracks are:

1) All Through The City, the Dr. Feelgood track, written by Wilko Johnson
2) Closer To The Stars, the Soul Asylum track, written by David Pirner
3) Hard Luck Woman, the KISS tune, written by Paul Stanley
4) I Gotta Get Drunk, composed by Willie Nelson
5) The Last Thing I Ever Wanted Was To Show Up And Blow Your Mind, from Those Bastard Souls,  written by David Shouse.

My favourite track from this EP is All Through The City, but I love the original too, so that makes sense. Also, I have to say that the band's version of Hard Luck Women is great, even if it a KISS song.

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