Friday, September 16, 2016

Hunters + Collectors: Living Daylight (1987)

In the usual schizophrenic Discogs way, there is a separate entry for Hunters + Collectors, because it has a + and not an and. I guess this site has never heard of uniform entries or name variants. There should not be a separate entry under a different name. That is dumb. Just look at the Prince entries to see what kind of confusion this brings. Yes, we care if Prince credited the New Power Generation or The Revolution, but they should all appear under one unified heading for Prince.

Anyway, Living Daylight is a 1987 EP with five tracks, and it's pretty good, as noted here:

"This EP, included with the CD version of Human Frailty, picks up where that album left off.
Rocking like a band possessed the group blisters through the first two tracks, singing and playing at top volume and intensity, before settling down for the classic "January Rain" and its blend of pensive lyrics and beautiful horn and vocal interplay." [source]

I can't remember the last time I listened to this record.

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