Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hüsker Dü: New Day Rising (1985)

There's a "Girl On Heaven Hill"
I come up to her cabin still
She said Hüsker Dü got huge, but they started in St. Paul

- We Can Get Together, The Hold Steady

Amazing. Really, this is fantastic. Just read what the reviewer at Popmatters says:

"I say this with utter, unwavering conviction: Hüsker Dü is the most criminally underappreciated alt-rock band of the pre-Nirvana era. While contemporaries like R.E.M. and Sonic Youth have joined the rock canon, Hüsker Dü (which consisted of vocalist/guitarist Bob Mould, vocalist/drummer Grant Hart, and bassist Greg Norton) remains relatively unknown, and is often forgotten in the modern narrative of the development of the American underground scene in the 1980s. This is especially troubling since Hüsker Dü was the group responsible for pioneering the sonic hallmarks traditionally associated with alternative rock: the potent mix of distortion and pop melodies, the angst-filled lyrics, and even the rhythm of the guitars" [source]

Although this came out in 1985, I have the SST 1990 repressing on black vinyl.

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