Monday, September 05, 2016

The Human League: Dare (1981)

Right from the opening, this record sounds far more accessible than the first two, even if they adhered to the use of this equipment: Roland MC8, System 700, JP4, Korg 770, Delta, Casio VLT 1, M10, Linn LM1, Yamaha CS15 and Roland microcomputer and Linn drum computer.

Allmusic, in its usual schizophrenic way, gave 3 stars to the first record, 2.5 stars to the second, and 5 stars to this record. Say what? Of course, the reviewer refers to Don't You Want me as "utter genius." I do like that track, but it is far short of genius. I guess one could argue that this record commences The Human League's tenure as a new romantic band. Overall, this is a pop record, complete with female backup singers, and genuine hit singles. The band retains some unique characteristics, but I find this record less appealing that Reproduction and Travelogue.

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