Tuesday, October 25, 2016

David J: Joe Orton's Wedding (1983)

I had never heard of Joe Orton, prior to owning this EP, so I had to investigate. Orton was an English playwright and author. He was murdered in 1967 at the age of 34 by Kenneth Halliwell, who struck him repeatedly with a hammer on his skull. Halliwell then committed suicide by consuming bottle of Nembutal, dying before Orton gave into his injuries. Check out Wikipedia entries for both men for more on this story.

"Mrs. Orton* penned the ending
The final play for today
Putting faith in nembrutals
And a hammer to keep it that way"
(*Mrs. Orton was Kenneth Halliwell)

Of course, David J (originally David John Haskins), was the bassist for Bauhaus and Love and Rockets. David is also an artist and a playwright.

By the way, I never really knew where to alphabetize David J, as J is really is middle initial, but I guess the J section makes sense.

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