Monday, October 31, 2016

Joe Jackson: I'm the Man (1979)

Right now
I think I'm gonna plan a new trend
Because the line on the graph's getting low
And we can't have that
And you think you're immune
But I can sell you anything
Anything from a thin safety pin
To a pork pie hat
Cause I got the trash and you got the cash
So baby we should get along fine
So give me all your money
Cause I know you think I'm funny
Can't you hear me laughing
Can't you see me smile

Look Sharp was released in early 1979. Somewhat surprisingly I'm the Man came out in October of 1979. I guess he had a lot to say in 1979. This record contains one of my favourite Joe Jackson tracks, the title cut, I'm the Man. That's simply a fantastic punk song, and the rest of the record is pretty good too.

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