Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Joe Jackson: Live 1980/86 (1988)

This is a double live LP from recorded in Melbourne, Utrecht, Manchester, Sydney, Tokyo, and Vancouver over four different tours. The record runs as follows:

Side A: The Beat Crazy Tour, 1980
Side B: The Night And Day Tour, 1982/83
Side C: The Body and Soul Tour, 1984
Side D: The Big World Tour, 1986

I guess it's worth noting that I have never seen Joe Jackson in concert. Again, this is a problem of having grown up in a small town. It sucked. In the early days, it was difficult to get hands on records, and bands never came to town. In later days, there was a small record store, but bands never came to town. I know I would have been happier in a big city, one where you could see concerts and where the record stores carried a wider array of artists. I remember having to travel to KW to find a Billy Bragg record.

In other news, Trump has won, and I find that to be simply incomprehensible.

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