Friday, January 20, 2017

The Jet Black Berries: Sundown on Venus (1984)

The Jet Black Berries are probably an 80s band that few people have ever heard of. I guess they are no longer just an 80s band, because a new album (on CD only) came out in 2010. I have never heard  the CD. I can't believe that 2010 was seven years ago already. Why is time moving so fast?

On Discogs, the band is referred to as punk, new wave, rock and roll, goth rock, and country rock. That's a lot to live up to. 

The US pressing of Sundown on Venus came in three versions: cassette, LP, and LP with a bonus single-side mini album. I have the latter. It was also released on vinyl in Greece and the Netherlands.

A discogs user (bubbleman) left a very interesting comment about the band:
An absolute underrated forgotten neglected classic by this totally unique sounding band far from the restrictions of any genre. Seriously, this makes my all time top ten. Do yourself a favour and get it. You'll probably find it real cheap on Ebay or in the bargain bin of your favourite Festival Rock record store. These guys were probably the inventors and the sole Kings of Death Goth Country Punk adding a large helping of Spaghetti Western aesthetics to the stew. An absolutely fantastic brilliant vocalist, well crafted lyrics avoiding the usual cheesiness of Horror Punk or Psychobilly thus implying a well-read and intelligent author of the afore-mentioned lyrics and a great organ and an overall excellent band create an uneasy air of impending doom and a certain healthy degree of nihilism and misanthropy. Some real bad karma here and some classic feel good music for creeps. And like with everything truly great a lot more SHOW than TELL. Alright, some of it is probably a little cheesy by today's standards, but it's really really good cheesy and 1000 roads probably really all do lead to Shadowdrive. [source]
That's a pretty good description, I think.

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