Friday, April 28, 2017

Killing Joke: Night Time (1985)

This record contains what is perhaps the band's most recognizable tune. I would say that Love Like Blood might be the band's best track. Wikipedia's summary of the record is interesting and, I think, accurate:
In his retrospective review, Ned Raggett of AllMusic opines that the album finds the band's music "caught between their earlier aggression and a calmer, more immediately accessible approach. This turned out to be the band's Achilles heel in the end, with later albums in the '80s evidence that the group had turned into an unbelievably boring, generic modern rock band. At this point, however, the tension between the two sides had a perfect balance, and as a result, Night Time is arguably the quartet's freshest album since its debut, with a warm, anthemic quality now supplementing the blasting, driving approach that made the band's name". Adrian Begrand of PopMatters opined that, with the album, the band "perfected" their "balance between antagonism and accessibility" and that "the band are simply on fire on this record" [source]
The tune Eighties is interesting because many people felt that Nirvana ripped off the guitar riff and used it in Come as You Are. I see the obvious similarities, but I am not sure what to conclude. Allmusic is more direct: "Nirvana, of all groups, thoroughly cloned the watery guitar line at the heart of the track for "Come as You Are." [source

I have a UK pressing.

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