Friday, April 07, 2017

Warsaw [Joy Division]: Warsaw (1994)

As you may or may not know, Joy Division was originally known as Warsaw, a name the band borrowed from David Bowie and Brian Eno's composition Warszawa, from Bowie's Low album. Both are good names,but I think Joy Division is more ironic, given the nature of the music the band recorded.

Some of the tunes on this record date back to 1978. It was to be the planned debut record from the band, but the enterprise was abandoned. This version compiles those previous tracks and adds a few so-called bonus tracks (dating to 1977). Despite being an unofficial release, there is quite a lot of contact information on the record. One would think that this would lead Interpol straight to their door in the Netherlands, but I guess they have no concerns about that. The other odd thing for an unofficial release is that the sound is truly spectacular.

The record is an interesting look at early Joy Division. To my ears, the band sounds a little more punk than they did on the first Joy Division record. In any case, if you are a Joy Division fan, this record is a must-have.

An earlier version of this record, without the bonus tracks, was published on CD in Germany in 1989. This copy is from 2007 in an edition of only 1000 copies. I'd really like to know if there are really only 1000 copies. After all, more than 2000 people claim to own this exact version of the record on Discogs.

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