Friday, June 02, 2017

Kraftwerk: Kraftwerk (1971)

Now don't get too excited. I do not own an original pressing of Kraftwerk, the first LP from Kraftwerk. My copy is an unofficial release from Italy pressed on red vinyl. I have no idea what year it was made. I have compared the sound with an official best of Kraftwerk LP, and it sounds great to my ears.

There were only a few versions of this album released, most on LP, one on cassette, and none on CD. All other releases on any format are unofficial, or bootlegs. For some reason, the band really doesn't like this record and it seems that they have disowned it. I have heard that it might finally be re-released on CD.

As much as I'd like to own an original pressing, the price for such would be high. I once saw this record in a store in Toronto for $150 about a year ago. I am not sure which version it was.

Evidently, the cover was inspired by Warhol's pop art movement, but all I can think of is VLC.

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