Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kraftwerk: The Mix (1991)

This is another Kraftwerk album that divides fans and critics. Just check out these statements from Discogs:

"Rusty German robots are cashing in on screwing up their classics with acid house crap."

"Kraftwerks classic releases are timeless classics. This attempt to modernize these songs sounds absolutely dated these days."

"the simplest way for me to put it is this way. They spent seven years from autobahn through computer world being able to see hear and shape musical evolution. and all the other accolades that go with that stature. as for electric cafe well debate its merits if you want but no is the final answer if its in the league of its predecessors. but i will take it any day over "the mix".

Despite awarding it only three stars, Allmusic had positive things to say bout the record...I mean CD:
By the early '90s, it was quite apparent just how far-reaching Kraftwerk's influence had been. From techno to hip-hop to industrial music to house, numerous others were undeniably indebted to the group. Dance clubs had long been a key part of Kraftwerk's following, and the dance market was the obvious target of The Mix -- a collection of highly enjoyable, often clever remixes. While novices would do better to start out with Trans-Europe Express or The Man-Machine, hardcore Kraftwerk followers shouldn't pass up these remixes of such classics as "Trans-Europe Express," "The Robots," "Autobahn," and "Radioactivity." One could nitpick about the absence of "Neon Lights" and "Europe Endless," but the bottom line is that this CD was a welcome addition to the Kraftwerk catalog. [source]
This record has been re-pressed a few times, and I have a later pressing that came with a 20 page full-colour booklet. I do not hate this record, but some of the remakes work better than others.

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