Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars, part 8

Best Original Song: I was happy to learn that Peter Gabriel withdrew from the Awards. He felt that the one minute allotted to him for his performance was too short, and I have to agree. They should have cut the Hugh Jackman songs and allowed the nominated songs to be performed in their entirety.


k said...

I agree they should have cut the opening number -- I didn't feel the love for that.

I adore AR Rahman, and Gulzar is an incredible poet. I think the song is fabulous, and I'm so glad it won.

zydeco fish said...

Yeah, that's a good song.

Kate said...

The whole show was short on content.

My least favorite was the memorial montage. You couldn't actually SEE it! It was like a 13 year old filmed it. And I love Queen Latifah, but it wasn't about looking at her--it was about the dead folks. Give them their 4-5 seconds for pete's sake.

Super Happy Jen said...

YES!! I miss the songs. Stupid medley.