Monday, March 09, 2009


As if Entertainment Tonight isn't brain-numbing enough, we have Entertainment Tonight Canada. I can discern only a few differences.

1) The Canadian program occasionally throws in references to the odd Canadian celebrity. Other than that, it's a carbon copy.

2) The Canadian program is not obsessed with the so-called Octomon, which sounds to me like Spiderman's nemesis. Who really gives a sh*t about this insane woman?

3) The Canadian program has not struck some sort of clandestine deal with Satan...I mean the Osmond Family. How else can one reasonably explain the never-ending Donny and Marie appearances on the show? Is this 1976? Does anyone really care what Marie Osmond is doing?

But, both programs fail in rather spectacular fashion when it comes to any sort of critical analysis. Every movie, every show, every piece of insipid music is greeted with love and blind adoration. Why does Dancing with the C-list Celebrities get so much airtime? I have never heard of most of these people.

Oh, and there's one other thing that is irritating. The Canadian program's male host (Rick the Temp) has the voice 13 year old transsexual.


Alex said...

Wait! Marie Osmond still does stuff? No way! Someone alert my grandmother!

zydeco fish said...

Yeah, she does stuff, like getting plastic surgery.

tweetey30 said...

I dont watch tv now we need a converter box. I havent turned the tv on since before Feb 17th..

Jay said...

How much do I love that you still call him Rick the Temp too!!

Kate said...

Donny and Marie?!? Jeez, yet another reason not to waste your time on that show--Canadian or otherwise.

I don't get Dancing with the Stars. People are absolutely gaga over that program. I do enjoy when they make fun of it on The Soup.

Jen said...

I think point 1 is actually greater than you mention. If a celebrity isn't Canadian they have to mention his/her connection to Canada, like that one time they had coffee in the Vancouver airport.

I used to like Rick the Temp, now he's just a weirdo.