Friday, March 06, 2009

A Few Hours in the Life of ZF

6:40 - Woke up, well before I usually do, so that I could get to the passport office by 8:00.

7:00 - Reading email on my laptop during breakfast. Nature's Path has recalled a gluten-free granola-type bar because of salmonella. UPC and expiry dates match. Crap! I have already eaten 5 of the 6 bars :-( Can I sue them?

7:53 - Waited in line at the passport office, with form completed. Stupidly, I let my passport expire, and had to submit a new application. Next time, renewal. I have no confidence in the photo, but it will do for the next 5 years.

8:26 - Back outside, unlocked my bike. Bureaucracy has rarely been so efficient. What a great day: could be 16 degrees later.

9:30 - Checked my mail box to discover two cheques: $130 and $790. I wish they were really for me. Do I look like the Accounts Receivable Department?

9:33 - Checked Twitter. I am Twittering as an experiment. In library-land, Twitter is a big deal, so I decided to see what the fuss is all about. So far, I have mixed feelings. 140 characters might not be enough. Close-talker is now following me :-(

9:35 - Read email. So much garbage, and I don't necessarily mean spam.

9:46 - Remembered to start streaming Radio RFI en fran├žais.

9:48 - Absolutely delighted to learn that John Tory has gone down in flames, again. Three strikes and you're out. Stay down, John.

9:49 - Checked Facebook. Cleared my out-of-date status. I am friends with a photographer who lives in Gaza. His photo albums are very disturbing, powerful and profoundly depressing. A few photos depict unspeakable horror: a charred baby with no limbs; people lying in pools of blood. Most of us have never witnessed anything like this in person. How did he avoid getting shot in the process of taking these photos?

9:50 - Ordered a book requested by a faculty member.

10:00 - Updated photoblog and added a photo to Flickr. No death or grievous bodily harm in my photos.

10:15 - Made appointment with my doctor.

10:20 - Opened PowerPoint to revise my part of a joint presentation with a colleague on research methods. We did the first presentation last week. It goes again next week. His part is esoteric, bizarre, a tad self-indulgent. Mine is practical. We seem to be at odds.

10:28 - Feeling hungry already.


Alex said...

I think you can only sue them if you get salmonella.

zydeco fish said...

Damn :-(

k said...

The original recall mentioned Lara Bars, and I just about plotzed. But it's only one bar, with peanuts. So I'm okay.

I hope. Who knows what'll be next?

zydeco fish said...

I just read the alert on Nature Path's and they argue that no products have tested positive and that they are being cautious. I fell better now.

tweetey30 said...

Nice break down of your day ZF.. Thanks for sharing with us.. I have never heard of these particular bars but then again I dont eat to many of any kind of bars..

Maia said...

I was equally thrilled to hear that Tory lost - and in a 'impossible to lose situation' too!!! Yessss!

How did he avoid getting shot in the process of taking these photos? I wondered the same thing when I checked to see what you had commented on. It really is astounding the things that are going on all over the world. We are so fortunate here.

Super Happy Jen said...

I don't get twitter, seems just like a poor man's facebook. But I'm "following" a bunch of Star Trek cast-members, just for kicks.