Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Two Funny Statements

1) From the almost-four-year-old:
I dreamed I ate a fly's nose last night.
2) From the almost-eight-year-old, upon seeing a cartoon featuring an old white man as American President:
They have some old strange white guy as president! Change it Barack!


Alex said...

Oh, children. They say silly stuff.

Cooper said...


tshsmom said...

I miss all the cute things my kids used to say. Now their just smart asses, like me. ;)

Super Happy Jen said...

Conversation with my two-year-old:

"I'm Mommy"
"Oh, you're pretending to be Mommy? What does Mommy do?"
"Woof. Woof"

tweetey30 said...

The things that come from our childrens mouths.

TSH that is what you get for being such a great teacher in that area... LOL..