Thursday, July 02, 2009

Go to Hell Purolator Courier

Just to review, I have already posted about an infuriating encounter with Purolator Courier. So, just to prove that this was not an isolated incident, I can tell you about a recent event.

Because I choose a different MacBook configuration from the standard, I had to order via the online Apple Canada Store. You know what this means: couriers. I purchased two pieces of equipment, which means, they are sending two packages via two separate couriers: the much-hated Purolator and the much-hated UPS. Does that make any sense? So, here's the rundown:

Monday: Note left on my door saying delivery was attempted and informing me that I had to pick up my package up at 800 Kipling Avenue, which is miles and miles from where I live.

Monday: I call and insist on a redelivery. I scheduled that and got a confirmation number, after being transferred to someone who knew what they were doing. In truth, I had this nagging feeling that the package would never arrive, given my history with Purolator.

Wednesday was a holiday in Canada, so it was scheduled for Thursday.

Thursday: part way through Thursday morning, I decide to track my package. Guess what? It is waiting for pick-up at the depot at 800 Kipling Avenue, which is miles and miles from my house. It never made it back on a truck.

The dude on the phone was absolutely no help. All he could say was that the package would not be delivered today. Again, I ask, how can Purolator call itself a courier company? They don't really deliver anything, do they? They make one lame attempt and then make the people waiting do all of the work. Purolator is useless. And, if you don't believe me, just Google "Purolator sucks" and see what comes up.


Super Happy Jen said...

I'm waiting for Jeff Goldblum to finish perfecting his teleportation device. How hard can it be to keep bugs out of the thing?

Alex said...

That's a bummer, man. I hope you get your package soon.

Kate said...

Just remember that if you go on a shooting rampage and then go to jail, they win. Forgive me, but I would be tearing my hair out if I were you.

Jen said...

I hate all couriers. Oddly, I've never had a problem with anything sent USPS or CanadaPost. The upside of being sick is that I didn't go to work Friday which meant I was home when UPS came.

jvk said...

so you're not home, and its the courier's fault..maybe your issue should be with the sender. they are the ones asking for the signature. "signature not required" is available from all courier companies, its up to the senders to label their deliveries with this service. you could have left a signed note on your door to ask the courier to leave the package also. if all this fails then the policy is to hold the parcel at depot for 5 days for you to pickup or return to sender..stop complaining and just go get it next time..

zydeco fish said...

The depot happens to be miles and miles from my house and I'd really hate to have them leave a computer on my front steps. Have a look a the previous post linked in the fist paragraph too.

Anonymous said...

but we dont know when or if people are going to be home to accept a package that they know they ordered! we only deliver it, crossing our fingers. tell all u people a little secret, we are pushed to maxinum for deliveries every day. if u not home to receive it the first attempt, its not as easy as you think to return a second time. if our so called MR (stops required per day) is met on the day u want us to return, and theres no other delivery in your area, then most likely your not going to get a second attempt that day. its not our fault u or anyone else live miles away. we made the attempt, and most of us are just tired of hearing this stuff. we dont want to return to depot with your delivery or anyone eles, but our hands are tied. as for your first post, it probably did go out to the truck, but like u said its after a holiday, which is famous for massive pickups. so like i said, the driver probably refused it take it out because he was over extended with deliveries, and pickups.
but because we DID do our job the first time, and YOU Missed us, you and others think we suck.
well, thats fine. but for every one
of u suck, we get thousands of "thanks for Coming"
have a nice day.

zydeco fish said...

"we made the attempt," But that's exactly my point. If you read the previous post that I linked to:

you will see that sometimes attempts are not even made. That is why I was so infuriated with subsequent issues. And, to top it off, I just had another irritating experience with Purolator and it's "brokerage fee." What the hell kind of scam is that?