Thursday, September 17, 2009

Talk Talk Talk

A librarian I know once said that she became a librarian because she didn't like public speaking or computers. She now realizes how ridiculous this sounds. Most academic librarians spend all day in front of a computer (currently, that's my new iMac) and some of us spend a lot of hours in classes handing out wisdom. Today, I did my annual talk to 150 1st year students in a certain professional department. I think this was my fourth session so far this term. Last week, I spoke to 110 science students. I have more sessions coming up, including a three hour research methods class for some masters students. Who would want to listen to me speak for three hours? I don't even think Barrack Obama could hold their attention for that long.

Well, that's all I have to say about that. I guess I have to get back to work and continue being a bad blogger.

Oh, have you seen those Hitler videos on youtube? The video is taken from a feature film. (The original clip is somewhere on youtube) but people keep adding their own subtitles. Some are hilarious, like:

And there are more!


tweetey30 said...

The one with the Wii is not what I read.I read Hitler stopped to play with his willy.. LOL.. I am sorry. That is where my mind is sitting right now and I am doing a fantastic job of not beating a certain child... My own of course.. Enjoy the work day and have a wonderful weekend if I dont hear from you in the next day or so..

Liz said...

I just mentioned the subtitled Hitler video trend to somebody the other day and was quite surprised that they seemed to have no idea what I am talking about.

Super Happy Jen said...

There's a Star Trek one too. But I like the one where Hitler realizes his subtitles are wrong. "Of course they are. People who speak German are missing the point!"

SME said...

Who says librarians are shy? Keep on playin' with expectations!

I feel bad about laughing at Hitler vids, but I just have to. They're hilarious. (I think the clips are from Downfall, but I'm not sure)