Monday, January 11, 2010

A Dream

Last night, I had a dream that I was hangin' out with David Bowie.  I am not sure if we were friends, but I was in his house, helping myself to beverages from his fridge, which had doors at both front and back, I gather so that nothing got lost in the recesses of the appliance.  And, the fridge was situated in such as way so that you could approach it from two sides.  Talk about conveniences.

After eying a nice, cool drink, I suddenly was only able to find small cold medicine vials and other things that appeared to be homeopathic substances. I never did find my drink, and then Iman came into the kitchen and I decided to find out where David went.

The end.


Alex said...

I wish I had dreams that I was friends with David Bowie.

Super Happy Jen said...

Going through my blog I realize I used to blog more about my dreams. Perhaps I need to get more sleep so I can dream more.