Monday, January 11, 2010


At lunch, I stood in line behind a youngish-looking university student as she paid for her $1.00 can of pop. I have yet to understand why people drink diet pop (or even regular pop for that mater).

I considered that topic for a moment and was then stunned as I watched her pay for her purchase.  After tax, she was looking at a massive $1.13 bill.  Out came the debit card.

Seriously?  She used a debit card to pay for $1.13!  I never use any kind of plastic if it's under $10.  I bet her transaction fee was 50 cents.  For a brief moment, I considered paying for her drink, but that feeling of chivalry (or whatever it was) passed quickly.

This was on my way back from checking out some lingering sales.  I am in a clothing crisis and really need to add to my wardrobe in a bad way.  I am not done yet, though I picked up two shirts and two pairs of pants.


Anonymous said...

at first glance, I thought you wrote "lingerie sales" :)

tshsmom said...

My Boss, and most businesses around town, stopped accepting credit cards for less than a $5 purchase. With the fees involved it would be cheaper to just give the customer that purchase.

zydeco fish said...

Upon re-reading the post, I misread it as "lingerie sales" too. So what? If I want to wear lingerie, that's my business :-)

tweetey30 said...

I hate using my debit card unless its over ten dollars and i know it.. but other wise we try and keep like ten dollars of cash on us each...It makes life so much easier..

Richard D. said...
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SME said...

Yikes. Plastic addiction!

Kate said...

I always use plastic money for lingerie purchases. ;)

Were you behind me in line? I'm not kidding, although I don't use my debit card for such small purchases--I just pick up a muffin or something to bring it up to $5 or something. I don't carry cash anymore. Reasons:
1) It seems to fall out of my pockets (figuratively and literally)
2) My bank is in a different state and my grocery store of choice doesn't do cash back and I am too CHEAP to pay the ATM fee.
3) I use debit rather than credit (fee for the business)